Company Spotlight:
iFan Financial Inc. (IFAN)

More than ever before,

people are shopping online.

- According to Emarketer, global online sales are expected to hit a record 1.7 Trillion in 2015. 


- Goldman Sachs estimates mobile commerce (m-commerce) online retail sales will grow to some $626 billion by 2018. 


Along with this rising trend is the increased need for consumers to protect their private data when making online or remote transactions.

Credit Card Fraud In its “2014 Identity Fraud Report,” Javelin Strategy & Research said the cost of credit and debit card fraud rose to $11 billion last year, from $8 billion in 2012.

  • People Are Afraid
    • A survey by the National Cyber Security Alliance and NQ Mobile shows that nearly 75% of smartphone owners are concerned about security threats on their mobile devices.
  • Identity Theft
    • Javelin said that more than 8 percent of all consumers were impacted by some kind of card fraud in 2013

IFAN Financial Has A Solution

IFAN Financial (IFAN) through two subsidiaries; iPin Technologies and MobiCash America design, develops and distributes software designed to enhance and enable secure mobile payments.

iPIN Technologies

iPIN Technologies is currently developing a new method of purchasing online through secure debit card payments and processing. This solution enables debit card users to make transactions and cash transfers via mobile phone, tablet, or computer without entering their confidential debit card information online on a “same-as-cash” basis.


Girl with card

How iPIN Works

  • The iPin Technologies solution includes a mobile app, card reader, and consumer network. It gives users the ability to use their smart phone or computer to make purchases in a more secure, convenient, and cost effective manner that is currently available.
  • iPIN attaches to almost any smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. It converts the phone or computer into a consumer PIN same-as-cash payment terminal at merchant websites, which means the merchant site never has access to the cardholder’s information.
Mobicash America Mobicash America is poised to capture market share with its nextgen online payment app, Quidme. Quidme offers easy peer-to-peer transfers, as well as online payments between anyone with a telephone number and text capability in a secure environment.

Mobicash America’s platform product, Quidme, utilizes the text messaging function of a mobile phone, allowing users to pay bills, to purchase goods and services, and to send money to friends and relatives locally or internationally via a simple text message.

These features significantly expand the available market for mobile payment access and disrupt the payment space as we know it.

Apple and Google have each approved the Quidme platform for their mobile app stores.

WHY IFAN IFAN’s innovative technology and approach to the mobile payments industry addresses key issues within the payment processing industry and provides superior solutions to traditional payment methods:

Theft/Vulnerability The customer is exposed to identity theft and the risk of unapproved transactions when using credit online and providing personal data to the merchant.

IFAN Solution – iPIN Technologies holds key patents, enabling the company to prevent exposure of personal customer data during business transactions.

High Processing Cost High fees come as a result of higher risk. Ultimately, these de-incentivize certain businesses from accepting credit cards and limit the ability of consumers to use them.
IFAN SolutionIFAN offers an instantaneous method to process the transaction and eliminates extended processing time, dramatically reducing the cost.

Slow, Expensive P2P Money Transfers Credit is a slower and less secure process because intermediaries hold customer information for processing. This costs significantly more due to the risk of theft and longer processing times.

IFAN Solution – Quidme allows cost savings of approximately 55% when compared to traditional money remittance services such as MoneyGram and Western Union. Cheaper, quicker and more secure transactions come as a result of this proprietary debit text payment technology. No personal data is given away.

Now more than ever consumers must protect themselves against the ever growing threat of identity theft and credit card fraud. Fortunes will be made over the next few years as the mobile payments space is exploding to meet the demands of the market place.

Be sure you get your piece of the mobile payment profit pie.

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